Since 1993

Pinnacle Services Corporation was founded in 1994. We operate 300,000 square feet of underground warehouse storage space located in Springfield, MO. Pinnacle Services specializes in food-grade compatible warehouse storage. Warehouse ceiling heights in our facility average 30 feet. We maintain storage humidity levels below 47%. The average ambient temperature is 71° F year round. We operate with only the highest of standards in storage processes and strive to do whatever is necessary to provide our customers with superior service.

Pinnacle Services resides in a highly secure complex. The underground warehouse complex is staffed 24 hrs, 7 days a week with two security gates. All drivers and visitors are subject credential check before gaining access to the facility.

We service a range of warehouse storage space needs from large ISO customers to entrepreneurs with sporadic needs. Pinnacle Services offers open term warehouse storage agreements that can be structured month-to-month without volume commitment. Regardless of volume, your warehouse storage needs will receive top-quality service.

Thank you for taking the time to consider Pinnacle Services for your underground warehouse storage space needs!